The firm emanated from Mr. Kerwin D. Hamil who over the years has been providing numerous consulting advices to business, professionals, friends and colleagues as a part of his corporate social responsibilities, which is due to his tremendous affection of imparting knowledge to the wider society.

Some of these colleagues were managing partners of accounting as well as law firms and seasoned professionals.

However, after doing so for numerous years, he was persuaded by a colleague of his, given his unique skill set to develop a boutique consulting firm that would have the ability to provide services that only ‘BIG FOUR’ accounting and consulting firms would be able to provide. After years of being persuaded by colleagues as well as his students, he began to offer consulting services on an informal basis after which, he was persuaded by his wife to utilise his unique skill set to diversify his abilities by becoming an entrepreneur in addition to his multiple abilities. Since then, Mr. Hamil has never looked back, which resulted into the genesis of KDH Chartered Accountants.

Why Choose KDH Chartered Accountant?

We Partner with our clients
At KDH our clients’ business is also our business based on how we operated. As a result, we behave very proactive with regard to highlighting opportunities where necessary and quickly pinpointing possible threats which might negate our clients’ activities. Consequently, we assist them with finding the right solutions for these
aforementioned threats.

Our managing partner has partnered with numerous international clients as well as other professionals in the past on assignments to develop creative solutions to match clients’ needs expertly, this is not solely limited to local and international tax planning and financial reporting advice.
We add value
At KDH we are not merely your accountants or book-keepers, but your professional partners, advisors, mentors as well as facilitators. For these very reasons, we provide numerous value-added services to our clients when needed at no additional costs. Our principal objectives as indicated in our mission and vision is not only to satisfy our customers but to exceed their endearing expectations.

At KDH, we sincerely value our customers.
We are highly knowledgeable
Depicted by our management team and their professional background, we have the requisite knowledge, skills, experience and attributes to navigate our clients through any difficulties and find the appropriate solutions based on their needs. At KDH, we do not only provide advice as well as making recommendation, but we also impart our vast amount of knowledge to our clients with the principal aim of adding value and improving our clients’ operations-- who are generally our business partners.